Monthly Archives: February 2012

Post Launch Info

First, a huge THANKS to all our fans, both old and new! The support and kind words about our album, particularly on /r/chiptunes has been wonderful! Thanks also for folks sticking with us while it took so long to release … Continue reading

It’s Here!

Dynamic Range value for Chipsurf Pipeline

John and I often have discussions about mixing, mastering, and dynamic range and one of the things that comes up is wanting to use a more vintage mastering style and preserve dynamics. We knew that Chipsurf Pipeline was probably not … Continue reading

So where are we at with Chipsurf Pipeline?

So where are we at with Chipsurf Pipeline? The tracks have been mastered, tagged, and uploaded. All the album art is done, save for the CD cover we are going to provide with the digital download. That is mostly done … Continue reading

What’s going on at Victim Cache?

Some of our fan are probably wondering why we have not yet released the album yet. I want to SOOO bad but we want to do it right and it’s been a busy month for both John and myself. January … Continue reading