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Victim Cache the RPG is a retro-styled video game that tells a unique story about an unlikely hero who falls in love with a magical princess that is being held by an evil king against her will … yadda yadda every RPG story line from the 80s. F*** that.

Sex, drugs, and leveling up!

Be repeatedly propositioned by the crazy old lady!

Become the the drug dealing hero that you always wanted to be!

Level up like a real man – with the power of alcoholism!


Try the demo now:

But it only works in real browsers, so don’t bother trying to play it with Internet Explorer unless you are some kind of masochist, which you probably are if you still use IE. In that case have fun, I guess.

Keyboard/Mouse Controls:

  • Point and Click: Walk, Activate, Select
  • Arrow Keys: Walk
  • Arrow Keys + Shift: Dash (you can also toggle ‘always dash’ in options)
  • Space: Activate/Advance Dialog, Select
  • ESC: Open/Close Menu, Previous Menu

Phone Controls:

  • Single Tap: walk, Activate, Advance Dialog, Select
  • Two Finger Scale: Open/Close Menu

Note about playing on phones: It currently runs slowly on most phones but is still playable. 🙁 For the best experience, we recommend playing it on a computer.

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