Victim Cache was started in the summer of 2010 by John Quarles and Tim Soderstrom as an experimental hybrid-chiptune band focused on trying to find new ways to integrate chiptunes with other styles of music. The first pioneering genre was Chipsurf, the fusion of raging surf guitar and chiptune elements largely featuring the sounds of the NES that culminated into a full album entitled Chipsurf Pipeline. Though Victim Cache still occasionally releases a chipsurf song, their current sound has moved to an acoustic/chiptune hybrid called acoustichip and is currently loosely working on a sophomore album featuring heavy story driven elements as well as vocals. Victim Cache also plays live shows which showcase their acoustichip sound. We have also expanded to a three member band, bringing aboard Landon Foster as our percussionist.

The Band


John “The Hero” Quarles

Founding member of the band. Vocals, Mandolin, Electric Guitar


Tim “Evil King” Soderstrom

Founding member of the band. Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Pennywhistle, Chip-Synths


Landon “SID” Foster

Hand Drums, Percussion