Monthly Archives: March 2012

Our First Dub-Plate!

Today, John and I took some time away from writing songs for our next album to check out the dub-plate we had cut for our eventual pursuit of getting Chipsurf Pipeline on vinyl. The dub was cut at Aardvark Record … Continue reading

It’s Alive!

This morning I finally put the finishing touches on ShieldBoy, an Arduino shield to aid in building an ArduinoBoy, a device built by Trash80 to enable MIDI functions with various GameBoy music sequencers. I ran into a few minor issues … Continue reading

Stuff Is In the Mail

On Saturday, I sent off the paperwork to have our very first dub-plate made! I’m not sure how long it takes but it was an exercise in what the world was like before the Internet for sure. Paper forms, paper … Continue reading

We’re on Spotify!

It took a few weeks and a minor mess-up on my part, but we’re now on Spotify! As a bonus, we are also on a number of other online stores as well, but we would really much prefer fans buy … Continue reading