Today, John and I took some time away from writing songs for our next album to check out the dub-plate we had cut for our eventual pursuit of getting Chipsurf Pipeline on vinyl. The dub was cut at Aardvark Record Mastering who did a great job, were patient with us,[…]

This morning I finally put the finishing touches on ShieldBoy, an Arduino shield to aid in building an ArduinoBoy, a device built by Trash80 to enable MIDI functions with various GameBoy music sequencers. I ran into a few minor issues along the way – the diode was in the wrong[…]

On Saturday, I sent off the paperwork to have our very first dub-plate made! I’m not sure how long it takes but it was an exercise in what the world was like before the Internet for sure. Paper forms, paper checks, physical media. In a world where most things are[…]

It took a few weeks and a minor mess-up on my part, but we’re now on Spotify! As a bonus, we are also on a number of other online stores as well, but we would really much prefer fans buy our music off Bandcamp as it offers the highest quality[…]