Stuff Is In the Mail

On Saturday, I sent off the paperwork to have our very first dub-plate made! I’m not sure how long it takes but it was an exercise in what the world was like before the Internet for sure. Paper forms, paper checks, physical media. In a world where most things are demanded instantly, it was almost a nice change – I guess. This will be our first 7″ single test. Actually one side will be cut like a 45 RPM single, and the other like a standard 33 1/3 RPM LP. We did that so we can compare the quality of a single versus the inner grooves of an LP which will help us gauge which songs would fit onto what part of the LP (since the outer tracks will sound better than the inner ones). Should be a fun test and a great collectable. Chances are that we will offer this up on Kickstarter when we get that going.

Also I think my ArduinoBoy shield board should be in the mail as well. I ordered it from DorkBot. They do a fantastic job for an extremely reasonable price and, usually, with a much faster turn-around time than BatchPCB. It is also much easier to submit boards as well. In short, if you need to have prototype boards fabbed, look no further than DorkBot. In any case, the parts for the board arrived last week so once I get it in, I can finally start assembling it and seeing what comes of it.

Lots of stuff to look forward to in the mail! Hopefully next band practice we can also get back to working on Kickstarter so we can get that off the ground. We won’t do anything concrete until we have our dub-plate back so we can make sure everything will work out how we want, but I would like us to make some progress on our video. We’ve been trying to enlist the help of some RTF students but that has not materialized, so we may just have to go it on our own.

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