We’re on Spotify!

It took a few weeks and a minor mess-up on my part, but we’re now on Spotify! As a bonus, we are also on a number of other online stores as well, but we would really much prefer fans buy our music off Bandcamp as it offers the highest quality and takes the least cut off the top. That allows us to put more money towards neat things like vinyl releases, equipment (we’re going to need some for the live shows we want to do for the next album), t-shirts, etc. But, if you prefer using another music store, now you can! And, of course, now you can listen to us on Spotify as much as you want!

Big thanks to CDBaby for helping make Spotify happen. We went with CDBaby for their Indie friendly attitude towards album sales since we only had to pay for the service one time. Most other music distributors required yearly fees and that didn’t make much sense to us.

Anyways we hope you enjoy the new found options! And thanks, as always, for the support!

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