Kickstarter Update

No, it’s not up yet unfortunately, but we do have an update!

After some thought, we have decided to set our initial sights on producing a 7″ single from Chipsurf Pipeline. 7″ singles can be really fun, can sound pretty good (better than an LP in some cases), and still allow us to connect with our fans in a more physical way. They are also considerably cheaper to produce than a 12″ LP. While a 7″ single is our minimum goal, if we raise enough money to fund an LP, we will do that instead. In this way, we have a good shot at being able to do something fun while still having the possibility of being able to do a full album.

More exciting, however, is that we are going to let our fans vote on what songs end up on the single or LP! Fans that pledge a certain amount will be able to pick one song for each side of the single, or pick the songs for the LP up to the maximum amount of music we can fit per side without impacting volume. The neat bit is that it stacks. So if you really want to have a particular song on the single, you can pledge more to get more votes. The only way John and I will be participating in this is if some folks don’t vote. We will use their votes for our own selections in those cases, which means there is a bit of an incentive to participate and vote!

This would be in addition to the normal rewards for pledging. We are still working on those details but we know we will offer signed copies of the single or LP, probably test pressings, and will likely put up our test dub-plate for the highest pledge (as we will only have one copy of this). Depending on how much extra we raise, we may add t-shirts, NESA boards, maybe even a “Chiptune Pipeline” EP on a real NES cartridge!

As you can imagine, we are very excited!

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