Of Bandcamp, ACLU and Us

Also, I promise we won’t do this often – we don’t want to mix politics with our band. We make chiptunes and RPGs and stuff in the band, we’re not wanting to push political agendas and all that garbage.

But, the immigration ban – we’re not for it. We understand the feeling in wanting to feel safe, but we believe it is not worth compromising what we feel it is to be American.

Thus we are joining Bandcamp and pledging that, on Friday (tomorrow, Feb 3rd), 100% of purchases made on our Bandcamp page are going to go to the ACLU. That includes digital albums as well as our 7″ singles.

We hope, whatever your political leanings, you understand the need to preserve our American values. Among them I believe is compassion and understanding of where we came from, who we are, and what we strive to become.

– Tim

Finding Our New Sound

Took us a little while but we think we have settled on a new sound for a next album. Still preserving chiptnues and video games. We are just adding more layers (hello analog synths!) and putting things around a different overall theme. We are probably bringing back some hardcore axe work by John (e.g. electric guitar) as well. More info to come, err, at some point!

Of course we aren’t done recording our current album (though we are likely done writing songs for it, save for maybe one last song – The King’s Song). Our goal is to have the Hero Album done by May (conveniently in time for the Mini-Mini Con! Either way, we hope to see you there!

Finally took some updated band photos

We’ve been super lazy about taking new photos of the band and finally got around to doing so while we’ve been working on putting together online and offline Press Kits to make it easier to book gigs and such. While doing so, we gave the blog a minor facelift. Nothing major (we’re musicians not graphic designers) but at least we have band photos and info reflecting the current state of the band.

No news to report on the live show front … yet! We’re working on it and hope to have some updates soon! In the interim, we are still working on more songs. We’re super excited about those and hope to be able to play a few of them by the time we do get around to having a show ready. In the meantime, don’t forget you can check out our demo on both Soundcloud and Bandcamp!