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Carbon Rapture – Coronawave Released

Carbon Rapture, a.k.a. John’s solo work, released a synthwave/retrowave/outrun album entitled, “Coronawave.” This album was written and recorded shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading across the US. All funds earned from this album will be donated to the … Continue reading

Victim Cache the RPG officially released!

Victim Cache the RPG was officially released today. For first week only it will be 15% off!

Victim Cache the RPG – to be released on 2/12/20

Victim Cache the RPG is going to be released on Steam on February 12, 2020. The first week of release will have a 15% discount. Don’t miss it!

Adventures in Game Development III and a special GIVEAWAY!

After deciding that Unity3D wasn’t the right choice of game engine for our “traditional” 2d 8bit RPG, I decided to try out a popular multiplatorm engine in Java called libGDX along with a free tilemap editor called Tiled. I spent … Continue reading

Victim Cache the RPG – THE PLAYABLE DEMO!

Play the long awaited demo of our upcoming RPG!  Sell drugs. Get involved in an international conspiracy. Meet a shallowly developed princess character who only you can save. Kill a ton of dangerous creatures who never really had a problem with you before. … Continue reading