It has been a while since we updates everyone, which was totally unintentional. The month of May was rather busy outside of Victim Cache for both John and myself. However things have still be progressing and, in fact, we should have a new single out hopefully in a few weeks![…]

We have decided to add two new rewards for our Kickstarter project of putting Chipsurf Pipeline on vinyl. The first is a tad cheeky. We have posted a one-second clip on SoundCloud of one of the songs off the album as a silly teaser: We will post the full song[…]

It’s been a while since we have said too much recently since our first Hackerspace workshop, so I thought I might spend some time talking about that. Much of our time for the band has been spent trying to promote our Kickstarter project to get Chipsurf Pipeline on vinyl. So[…]