Two More Incentives for Kickstarter Announced

We have decided to add two new rewards for our Kickstarter project of putting Chipsurf Pipeline on vinyl. The first is a tad cheeky. We have posted a one-second clip on SoundCloud of one of the songs off the album as a silly teaser:

We will post the full song on SoundCloud, finished or otherwise, as soon as we reach our minimum goal as thanks for helping to fund this project. Once finished, we will also offer the song for free. Otherwise, folks will have to wait until we finish the songs, or possibly the entire album before getting a chance to hear it.

Second, anyone who pledges $75 or more, gets a copy of our original digital masters and project files for Chipsurf Pipeline in Ableton Live Pack format (in addition to all of the other previous rewards except for the dub-plate). We will also grant permission to use those for non-commercial remixing and derivative works (for commercial works, just talk to us about it) as long as you credit us appropriately. You can also see all the work that went into the masters, how we setup our projects, performed automation, etc. Plus there is content in these that never made it to the album which makes for plenty of Easter Eggs!

We have just passed 40% of our minimum goal (a 7″ single) but could still use more support! So if you know someone that likes vinyl, chip-tunes, or surf, be sure to let them know!

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