New Single Soon and Kickstarter Updates

It has been a while since we updates everyone, which was totally unintentional. The month of May was rather busy outside of Victim Cache for both John and myself. However things have still be progressing and, in fact, we should have a new single out hopefully in a few weeks! It was a song that didn’t quite make Chipsurf Pipeline. We could not really find a direction for it until recently. The direction we took is such that it will stand up pretty well on its own, so we’re rather excited about it!

We are making progress on the new album as well. It is slow but steady. Part of the reason for the speed is also so we can figure out what might work in a live scenario. We very much want to, and are planning for, doing a live shows for songs on the next album. To some degree, it is even driving our creative process a bit (for good or bad). We have had numerous requests for live shows and we have heard our fans loud and clear there. Plus they will be incredibly fun for us too!

Now onto Kickstarter. We have passed the 50% mark and did so about half-way through the project lifetime so that was cool. We reached a bit of a plateau since. Part of this was working with Kickstarter over how to best approach our dub-plate give-away. Turns out what we wanted to do doesn’t exactly match Kickstarter’s suggestions (oops). To keep things simple, we are going to keep things as-is for the current dub-plate (it has already been claimed) but will probably offer up the next one as we were planning. We are still working out those details, though.

Ultimately, the goal of the project is to make a 7″ single or 12″ LP. Based upon our current levels, if we are able to fund the project, it will likely be for a 7″. If you were wanting a 12″, tell you friends as we are going to need more help to get there! Actually, tell your friends anyway because we still could use some help to get the 7″ funded! There is about 19 days left to go and we need to come up with $300 more to make the thing happen.

As we have said, regardless of whether the project funds, we do want to thank our fans for sticking with us and enjoying our music! Your support, be it monetary or otherwise, means the world to us so from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You! Kickstarter aside, good things are coming down the pipeline we think our fans will really really dig and we can’t wait to share these with you!

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