Of Live Shows, Covers, and Chip-Hop

Today was another Sunday practice and this time we changed gears just a bit. We had our usual discussion about how to do live shows. The both of us are super excited about being able to start doing those! In fact, we decided we will probably work on songs for our next album really to the point that we can perform them and will likely work on the album recordings thereafter. We thought it would end up making a better album and also allow us to start doing live shows sooner.

On that note, we ended up actually working on some cover songs. We’re not a cover band, but we thought it would be fun to apply our new sound to a few choice songs. Would be fun for live-shows and gives us some good practice time while we work on our live sound. So far we have ideas for two, and will probably add one more. Our main focus, of course, is still our own songs but we are pretty excited about throwing these down from time to time if the moment strikes.

Finally, we did a bit of work on our latest single, which we have release on Soundcloud. We have finished the recording and while we still need to work a bit more on mastering, we opted to release is soon. We were worried it might not be done before our Kickstarter project winds down since we thought it would be fun to include it as an option fans could vote on for on our 7″ single. We will be releasing the finished version for download after Kickstarter completes (successful or otherwise), but for now you can give it a listen here:

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/48538904″ iframe=”true” /]

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