Today we gave our first workshop at SA Hackerspace (10BitWorks) to a pretty good turnout. It was largely over making music using FamiTracker and the NES audio capabilities in general. Though a few things could have gone better (I think the hands on bits could have used more structure), I[…]

At long last, we have finally launched our Kickstarter Project to put Chipsurf Pipeline onto Vinyl! Whether it funds or not, we are extremely happy and proud to even have the opportunity to do this! More information to follow, but if you want to know more about the project, check[…]

Though we have been spending quite some time in pursuits other than our next album, we have been making slow but steady progress on it. This weekend we spent some time adding some ideas to a few of the songs we are working on while also filming our Kickstarter video[…]

Though it has been in the work for some time, we finally have confirmed a date for our first workshop at the 10BitWorks (the San Antonio Hackerspace). This workshop will cover making music with the NES using Famitracker. Should there be further interest, we hope to make a series of[…]