Hackerspace Workshop #1 Complete

Today we gave our first workshop at SA Hackerspace (10BitWorks) to a pretty good turnout. It was largely over making music using FamiTracker and the NES audio capabilities in general. Though a few things could have gone better (I think the hands on bits could have used more structure), I think it went well. We seem to have turned a couple of people into Chiptune monsters, which is awesome!

Slides (in PDF Format) are available here for those that could not make it. Video was taken as well but it’s a large amount of video that may take a while to edit (and I am not yet sure how it turned out) so that may take some time to post.

In any event, we had a blast and, if there is enough interest, we definitely look forward to doing more! I suspect the next workshops will be more hands-on with the hardware. That was something we wanted to do initially but thought it best to be a bit more conservative since cost was a concern without knowing what people might think of the material. There is plenty of ways to go though and we would be glad to share our knowledge with anyone that is interested!

A big thanks to 10BitWorks for the opportunity! Also thanks to Mike P. who approached us initially and helped drive this to fruition!

P.S. Don’t forget about our Kickstarter project!

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