In a similar vein to Phoenix Down, The Genesis Machine is about epic beginnings and the circumstance therein. Though we aimed for no direct 8-bit inspired archetype for this song, it fits many a story often found in both classic games and even some modern ones. The Genesis Machine was[…]

This was a song that has set on the shelf for a bit while. The main parts of the song were composed fairly quickly, though we spent a good deal of time on the details. In the end, that paid dividends as the end result is a song that has[…]

As some of you know, we will be ordering up some t-shirts that we plan on having for various purposes (initially as part of our Kickstarter project we plan on doing, later for sale with an album or maybe separately). The trouble is, we can’t afford a large enough run[…]

We have been hinting about it for a while, but have decided to invest money into t-shirts which are also sporting a new logo! The fine folks at Rockwell Merch are helping us with both the art and printing. They are wonderful folks! As you can imagine, we’re pretty cash[…]

You may have noticed a lull in our usual releases and updates. We noticed it too and it bugs us! Fear not, however. We are still focused on rounding out our latest album. I have spent the last few weeks moving (what an ordeal), and John is focusing on his[…]