Now accepting T-Shirt pre-orders

As some of you know, we will be ordering up some t-shirts that we plan on having for various purposes (initially as part of our Kickstarter project we plan on doing, later for sale with an album or maybe separately). The trouble is, we can’t afford a large enough run of shirts to cater to all sizes and have, instead, opted to focus on large while offering a handful of small and XL.

But we want to make sure our fans of all sizes are able to get a shirt that want one! So we have decided to offer up pre-orders. This would be for any size, but would be specifically for folks that would miss out on our normal t-shirts. Pricing is likely to be around $12 or so, depending on the size and number of pre-orders. This is an added perk since the shirts are likely to command more value as part of a Kickstarter (since the goal there is to raise money for putting Chipsurf Pipeline on vinyl).

If interested, please contact us ASAP as we will only be able to offer this for just a few days due to not wanting to hold back our normal order of shirts. You can contact us here, via Facebook, or via our Bandcamp page.

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