We have been hinting about it for a while, but have decided to invest money into t-shirts which are also sporting a new logo! The fine folks at Rockwell Merch are helping us with both the art and printing. They are wonderful folks! As you can imagine, we’re pretty cash strapped and are often having to decide between things like equipment and everything else. But felt this was a good investment.

As noted previously, the person whose song title we choose for our Name Our Song contest will be receiving a free t-shirt (as well as credits in our liner notes). For now, that is the best way to score yourself a shirt so head over to the above link if you wanna give it a go. After this, t-shirts will likely be part of our Kickstarter project to put Chipsurf Pipeline on vinyl. Thereafter we will likely put them up for sale on our Bandcamp storefront.

Those the art is still being designed, here is a taste:

Victom Cache Shirt Logo Concept

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