We have been getting some interest in our 7″ single beyond Kickstarter, so I thought it might be time to go ahead and put up a pre-order for it for those that missed out on Kickstarter. Note that it is the black vinyl version. Colored vinyl was offered via Kickstarter,[…]

Our dub-plate came in from Aardvark earlier this week and we have spent the last few days listening to it to make sure it sounds good. Good is an understatement – it sounds amazing! Tsunami Gaiden sounds perfect. In fact, we think it sounds better than our digital master, which[…]

Since we are still waiting on both Aardvark to send us our reference lacquer, as well as some mounting hardware for my ArduinoBoy Advance, and have had a stomach bug creep through cancelling practice; I spent some time switching gears a bit and working on a semi-modular PSU idea I[…]

Lots of things have been going on and admittedly we have been a bit lazy about keeping the blog up to date, opting to use Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. Those things are great but they are still like drinking through a fire-hose. So I thought it was[…]