7″ Is Now Available For Pre-Order!

We have been getting some interest in our 7″ single beyond Kickstarter, so I thought it might be time to go ahead and put up a pre-order for it for those that missed out on Kickstarter. Note that it is the black vinyl version. Colored vinyl was offered via Kickstarter, as were signed copies and we wanted to keep that semi-exclusive. So if you want a colored version, we may sell any extras we have at our live shows (which is also how you can also score a signed copy) but have opted not to sell any colored vinyl online.

Being that it is a pre-order, and since the Kickstarter orders are going out first, please have patience while we fulfill those! Estimated time they will be available is October, but that is not set in stone. Those who would rather wait until they are available feel free – we just wanted to offer something to folks who wanted to grab the record but didn’t want to forget or have to keep track of when it might be available.

Pre-order or otherwise, these are going to be so kick-ass and we’re really excited to be able to offer this! Again, huge thanks to those who pledged their support via Kickstarter! We could not have done it without you! And, for what it is worth, the colored vinyl edition is shaping up to be really cool!

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