Orders Submitted for the 7″!

Our dub-plate came in from Aardvark earlier this week and we have spent the last few days listening to it to make sure it sounds good. Good is an understatement – it sounds amazing! Tsunami Gaiden sounds perfect. In fact, we think it sounds better than our digital master, which was surprising to us. It’s basically the way we wanted it heard and it’s just awesome! Folks who are destined to get their hands on the 7″ are in for a treat!

Now that we have verified everything sounds good, we have been able to make progress with ordering the fold-overs and starting the ordering process with United Record Pressing. Fold-overs should be here as early as next week and I just sent the paperwork to URP moments ago. At this point, we still need to finish the labels for the record. They are mostly done but need a few finishing touches. We were going back and forth on the label color but settled on a black label with silver ink with a fun, if a tad predictable, design. Next step after that is listening to the test pressings and, if that goes well, we get to start churning out the real deal!

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