We’ve been super lazy about taking new photos of the band and finally got around to doing so while we’ve been working on putting together online and offline Press Kits to make it easier to book gigs and such. While doing so, we gave the blog a minor facelift. Nothing[…]

No, it’s not up yet unfortunately, but we do have an update! After some thought, we have decided to set our initial sights on producing a 7″ single from Chipsurf Pipeline. 7″ singles can be really fun, can sound pretty good (better than an LP in some cases), and still[…]

Music to grind levels by! An upbeat sort of song that hopefully makes the mundane task of leveling up one’s characters before the big battle a bit easier. Most all RPGs required some time grinding through levels, including the one this song pays homage to. This song can also be[…]

This is another song that took longer than it should have. This time it was because Tim’s Winders PC, well, bombed out. The name came from – actually just listen to the song and it should make sense. 🙂 You can Listen to it on a number of a places[…]