Of Bandcamp, ACLU and Us

Also, I promise we won’t do this often – we don’t want to mix politics with our band. We make chiptunes and RPGs and stuff in the band, we’re not wanting to push political agendas and all that garbage.

But, the immigration ban – we’re not for it. We understand the feeling in wanting to feel safe, but we believe it is not worth compromising what we feel it is to be American.

Thus we are joining Bandcamp and pledging that, on Friday (tomorrow, Feb 3rd), 100% of purchases made on our Bandcamp page are going to go to the ACLU. That includes digital albums as well as our 7″ singles.

We hope, whatever your political leanings, you understand the need to preserve our American values. Among them I believe is compassion and understanding of where we came from, who we are, and what we strive to become.

– Tim

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