We spent some time thinking about it and we decided to go ahead and release one of the cover songs, Wish You Were Here. It will be one of the covers played at our first live shows. We thought it was a good compromise between keeping things secret while giving[…]

We have been on a sort of hiatus due to the Holidays and other things, but have ramped back up to complete the mastering of our first album! This song is lucky number 13 as far as track numbering goes. We have been wanting to do a Westerny style song[…]

We had quite a bit of fun with this one as we decided to have a contest to find a name for this song. It was conducted via Facebook and SoundCloud with Tom Jenkins being declared the winner for his suggestion (which is, of course, the name of the song).[…]

In a similar vein to Phoenix Down, The Genesis Machine is about epic beginnings and the circumstance therein. Though we aimed for no direct 8-bit inspired archetype for this song, it fits many a story often found in both classic games and even some modern ones. The Genesis Machine was[…]

This was a song that has set on the shelf for a bit while. The main parts of the song were composed fairly quickly, though we spent a good deal of time on the details. In the end, that paid dividends as the end result is a song that has[…]

This song was one of the first we ever started working and for some reason it took us quite a while to add the finishing touches on it. The actual mastering for this guy did not take as long as some of the other songs, but we spent a good[…]

Well it seems like it takes longer and longer to push out new songs but we finally finished it! This one took longer more so due to external forces (namely Tim falling victim to an ugly stomach bug) than mastering, although that did take a good chunk of time as[…]

Well this one took some time to master for sure but it was all worth it! Mr. Transistor is the 7th finished song off our forthcoming album, Chipsurf Pipeline. Though the chippy sounds are dominated by the 2A03, this song features a bit more influence from the GameBoy than previous[…]

…is finally finished! I spent a good amount of time mastering this one, mostly around making the guitars fit well with the chippy parts while sounding bassy, but not muddy. Both John and I are quite happy with the end result. We also opted to push back releasing the song[…]

It took a while, but the wait was worth it as I think it is our best mixed song so far. Yakuza is one of the darker songs off the album but one that we find hauntingly catchy. It is, so far, the only song on the album in 3/4[…]