Cloud People Assassins

Cloud People Assassins Song Cover

This song was one of the first we ever started working and for some reason it took us quite a while to add the finishing touches on it. The actual mastering for this guy did not take as long as some of the other songs, but we spent a good chunk of time getting the drums just right. It took a good deal of trial and error but the end results are ones we are very happy with.

The song itself, as the name and covert art imply, is about those annoying flying creatures that either throw things from the sky or come down towards you, usually at inopportune times. The cloud people assassins, as we now call them, appeared in quite a few NES games. The most infamous is probably the one from Super Mario Bros. but there were others. This song is their tribute.

As with all our songs off our Chipsurf Pipeline album, you can listen to it and download it in various places and can buy it off Bandcamp. And as an update, yes, we are still trying to figure out both a vinyl release as well as t-shirts

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