So where are we at with Chipsurf Pipeline?

So where are we at with Chipsurf Pipeline? The tracks have been mastered, tagged, and uploaded. All the album art is done, save for the CD cover we are going to provide with the digital download. That is mostly done – it just needs a few minor tweaks. We have been talking about whether or not it makes sense to keep all the songs available individually. Because we place an emphasis on the story driven aspect of the album, simply getting a few songs off the album would not have a desired effect. At the same time, we want to keep some songs as singles – just not all of them. In terms of cost, we also do not want to devalue the album, as we are quite proud of it, but also recognize that it is a bit unique and certainly not mainstream.

So, we are trying to work through a few of those ideas. I don’t believe it will take very long. But at the moment, John is traveling around for his day job and since our day jobs pay the bills, they tend to take precedence. I suspect we will drop the album in a few days time so it won’t be long now! It will take slightly longer because we decided to do a quick launch ceremony wherein we’re both there to “flip the switch” as it were, but I think it will be worth the wait!

There are a few songs on the album that we have intentionally saved for the album release and they are begging to be heard!

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