What’s going on at Victim Cache?

Some of our fan are probably wondering why we have not yet released the album yet. I want to SOOO bad but we want to do it right and it’s been a busy month for both John and myself. January has been the busiest for John at his day job since I can remember, and I’m still recovering from my wisdom teeth removal as you may have seen on Facebook. We are both still alive and well and dedicated to releasing Chipsurf Pipeline as well as continuing work on our new album. Though the new album has no official name, we have been calling it Hero or Hero Album for the moment if that gives you any clue what it may be about.

We also are pretty excited to be working with the Hackerspace San Antonio to help bang out some workshops, mostly for our work with chip-synths. That should be rather fun and a good start to what I hope is a pretty awesome relationship moving forward. Those guys do some really cool things and help facilitate lots of neat workshops. They are currently in the process of putting together what appears to be a fantastic set of Arduino classes and workshops. If you are in the San Antonio, TX area, it’s definitely something to check out!

But back to the topic of Chipsurf Pipeline, I would love to say we can have it out by the end of this week, but John will be traveling for his day job this weekend and we have decided to rework at least one intro for one of the songs for the album so that things fit a bit better. We are still excruciatingly close to releasing the album but, as I have said before, we want to do it right! Regardless, thanks to all our fans for sticking with us while we all patiently await its arrival! One last note, we have been asked if we are still planning on doing a Kickstarter project for the album and the answer is most definitely! But we wanted the digital version to be done first so we can focus on figuring out the best next steps without having to do multiple things at once. We’ll get there!

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