For those that did not see our Kickstarter update, all the packages (that we have addresses for) have been shipped out! Other than trying to bug the folks that didn’t give us their address, and a few local deliveries, everyone should be getting their hands on the sweet colored vinyl[…]

I took a little longer than expected as we had to have a few rounds of test pressings made to make sure the audio quality and coloring (for the special edition) was good, but we have now signed off on the full production run and should have a box full[…]

We have been getting some interest in our 7″ single beyond Kickstarter, so I thought it might be time to go ahead and put up a pre-order for it for those that missed out on Kickstarter. Note that it is the black vinyl version. Colored vinyl was offered via Kickstarter,[…]

Our dub-plate came in from Aardvark earlier this week and we have spent the last few days listening to it to make sure it sounds good. Good is an understatement – it sounds amazing! Tsunami Gaiden sounds perfect. In fact, we think it sounds better than our digital master, which[…]

Lots of things have been going on and admittedly we have been a bit lazy about keeping the blog up to date, opting to use Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. Those things are great but they are still like drinking through a fire-hose. So I thought it was[…]

Admittedly in all the excitement, we neglected to update our blog and make mention of the fact that our Kickstarter project funded! And then some! Our minimum goal was $750, which would have been a pretty small and simple release. In the last week of funding, not only did we[…]

This morning I woke up to a pleasant surprise! Our Kickstarter surged up to $835, a full $85 above our minimum goal! This is awesome and while we don’t want to celebrate just yet (folks can still back out up until Monday – we understand, stuff happens) it’s looking really[…]

We have 7 more days to go before our Kickstarter project draws to a close. We have made some headway but we still have yet to make our minimum goal of pressing a 7″ single. If you are interested in being part of this limited edition run, be sure to[…]

It has been a while since we updates everyone, which was totally unintentional. The month of May was rather busy outside of Victim Cache for both John and myself. However things have still be progressing and, in fact, we should have a new single out hopefully in a few weeks![…]

We have decided to add two new rewards for our Kickstarter project of putting Chipsurf Pipeline on vinyl. The first is a tad cheeky. We have posted a one-second clip on SoundCloud of one of the songs off the album as a silly teaser: We will post the full song[…]