Tidal Riders of Doom

We have had this track finished for quite some time but finally put some of the finishing touches on it to warrant its release. This is our second completed song and a worth sequel to Tsunami Gaiden. It, too, tells a compelling story, but we like to think of you coming up with your own story as you listen to this. This song only uses the original NES soundchip (the 2A03) and, in fact, does not use any digital samples in it. All just pure chiptune and surf guitar awesomeness! We especially like the call and answer bits as well as the chill before the harmony.

We have plenty more songs in the pipeline (no pun intended). We hope to finish recording all of Chipsurf Pipeline before the end of the summer which means a full release should be hopefully this fall. For now, thanks for listening to the tunes! If you like what you hear, we would love your support, however you can including simply spreading the word about our work!

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