Symphony of Vengeance Ready For Mastering

We have finished the arrangement of Symphony of Vengeance and it is now ready for mastering. That in it of itself is a time consuming endeavor, mostly due to having to record out the NES audio into separate tracks. This is where we take a bit of license over using the standard mono out of the NES since we need to balance out the audio with all the guitar parts. Plus the standard mono out is super noisy. Tim was able to get around most of this by creating an audio mod he called the NESA. It is basically a CMoy-inspired amp designed to safely and cleanly route audio off the 2A03 chip directly. The results are awesome and it still is in the spirit of all that is the NES – the only audio work we do is to adjust volume, panning, and sometimes add a bit of reverb. Everything else is direct off the NES.

Symphony of Vengeance itself is a rather dark song depicting an epic, revengeful battle, our character has to endure in order to avenge the death of his loved-one. Though dark, it still has some pounding an energetic moments with twists and turns along the way. We are not yet sure if we will release this song before the completion of the album itself, but we think the wait will be worth it either way!

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