What’s Next?

Now that Chipsurf Pipeline is out in the wild (which you can purchase it on our BandCamp page and, soon, from most of the other online music stores), what are we going to do next? Lots! The biggest things right now are getting our Kickstarter project fired up for putting Chipsurf Pipeline on vinyl, and some periphery stuff around that (such as a Chiptune Pipeline special EP); putting together some chiptune related workshops with Hackerspace; and working on our next album.

We will, of course, let everyone know what we are up to as we get to it. I will admit, we are enjoying a slower pace for a while since the launch of Chipsurf Pipeline was getting a bit intense. On that note, we are wanting to do a release party at some point for it, but would like to finish Kickstarter first so we can, hopefully, have something more tangible for the release party itself. More info will be forthcoming once we know more.

There’s lots to do really but we’re going to take things one step at a time and will keep everyone updated every step of the way!

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