Adventures in Game Development

Since we recently became a game development studio in addition to the musical act, I thought you might be interested in how this whole adventure into game development began.  After our first album was released, Tim and I started to explore the sound for our second album and after much experimentation, we came up with the concept of basing the album on an RPG from the 80s-90s, or rather a parody of the RPGs from the 80s and 90s that we fondly remember in the style of popular games like the Final Fantasy series and the Dragon Warrior series, etc. We wanted the music to tell the story of this imaginary game.

So, we spent a few band practices coming up with a rough outline for the main characters, the world, and the plot of the story. Of course we had to have evil kings, magical princesses, and an unnamed hero (ala Dragon Warrior). But since we are horrible examples of human beings, of course we added in lots of sexual humor, drug and alcohol use, and excessive inappropriateness all over the place. So it was like a typical RPG story…but not.

Then we began to write songs to give a soundtrack to the story. We wrote songs about love, good versus evil, magic gems, drunken airship captains, burning old men’s tree houses down, killing WAY too many slimes, emo-dragons, chicken intercourse, and of course a gigantic alcohol fueled celebration at the end that gets way more out of hand than any end-game RPG celebration ever has.  If you have seen our live show or looked at our picture gallery, we often take on the role of some of the characters and act out some of the events in these stories during the shows.

But all along, we had this fantasy – wouldn’t it be great if this imaginary game we are writing songs about was actually a real game?  Tim and I are computer scientists by training so we had the skills. When we finally figured out how to carve out the time, we decided to take our game soundtrack and make it a real RPG.

But this is just the beginning of the story… Stay tuned for more!


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