We are excited to announce that we have launched our Patreon! Why Patreon? Well, there’s a few reasons, but mostly we wanted an avenue to be able to reach fans more directly that support our work and, in turn, give them something more unique. There are times when it doesn’t look like we’re doing much, and while a few times that is actually kinda true, a lot of it is that we’re working on things that are not particularly visible, such as writing music or working on our RPG. We wanted a platform to be able to show some of that and provide some exclusive things to devoted fans. Things like having access to our original FamiTracker and LSDJ files, previews of songs, alpha and beta copies of our RPG, among other things. Hence, Patreon!

It should be noted that we will continue to release content via our usual avenues as we did before and will still continue to do live shows and what not. None of that has changed and, as a result, Patreon is optional, but, of course, much appreciated! Either way, thanks to everyone who supports us in any manner you see fit, even if that’s just by enjoying our music, art, and games!

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