VC In 2016

We have been on a pretty long hiatus from the Holidays and with Tim being super busy at work for the month of January, but worry not as we still have plenty of plans for 2016. Among them being that we’ve landed a mega kick-ass gig that we are incredibly excited about and will be providing more info for soon. We also plan on recording more songs from our Hero album. We plan on recording these throughout the year while we also work on some new songs and trying some new concepts for our sound. John has also been hard at work setting the foundations for a Victim Cache JRPG that is in the works. It will follow the story of our Hero album and include some of our current music, as well as some pure chiptune and videogame songs exclusive to the RPG.

And, of course, we will be continually looking for additional gigs throughout the year in addition to the big one! Exciting times ahead for Victim Cache!

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