Or why Bandcamp is awesome! It’s been a little over a week since we let Chipsurf Pipeline loose in the wild and the response has been just amazing! We think transparency is important, however, so I wanted to take some time to talk about our numbers. I should preface this by saying – numbers are just numbers. They don’t really mean much. What matters is people – our fans! And we truly appreciate our fans for sticking with us and, hopefully, digging Chipsurf Pipeline as much as we enjoyed making it! But for the curious::

Playing Defender on Bandcamp

Ok well so that’s a game of Defender using our Plays graph off Bandcamp 🙂 That top peak hits 1,082 plays, which is the most plays we have ever had in a single day! In the last 30 days, we have had 2,643 plays. This number is really the number of individual song plays – we don’t have an accurate number for full album plays, but it’s around 70. Total album downloads is 16 (one which included a t-shirt). 16 is a bit modest, I’ll admit, but many of those were above our album price ($5.00) which I thought was really cool!

On Soundcloud we have had a total of 1273 plays since the very beginning, 69 of which was in the last month. We are massive fans of Soundcloud, but did most of our latest promoting off Bandcamp as this is where you can find the highest quality versions of our tunes for sale, as well as our custom t-shirts. Still, Soundcloud has been incredibly helpful for getting our music heard and we will likely continue to use Soundcloud. Of note, you can listen to our music for free using the Soundcloud app on your portable device, so that’s pretty awesome!

We do not yet have any stats on the big name stores and sites yet as we are still waiting on getting are album uploaded there and it may take some time to get a good idea of how that’s doing. Really, apart from Spotify, if you want to have a copy of the tracks, we would highly advise you use Bandcamp as the quality will be unmatched.

Anyways there are the numbers! For us, they are something pretty special but mostly because they represent fans, both new and old. So, again, thanks everyone for the interest and support!

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