One more song to go!

We are not quite there yet, but are making really good progress on being able to perform live. We did finally pick up a mixer (an Allen & Heath MixWizard3 16:2 mk1), and have an RNC1773 in the mail to us. We may still need one or two more compressors, but most importantly still need IEM packs. We really want Shure P4HW’s (largely because it is a proven brand and has an audio limiter so we don’t end up blowing our eardrums out if someone drops a mic) but they are still surprisingly expensive. But once we have IEMs, we’ll basically be capable technically. There are definitely things that would be nice to have, such as a stage rack and things, but they won’t necessarily prevent us from being able to do a live show.

Creatively, we would like to finish composing at least one more original song. Once we do that, while we need some spit and polish, we will be good to go! Of course then the next step is trying to land gigs. We decided that we should have a good amount of polish for our press pack, so we may end up putting together some studio recordings for it. They will likely not be the final recordings we will put on the resulting album, but something that sounds professional enough to hopefully catch the ear of a venue owner.

We have probably another few months yet before we will be truly ready, but the progress made has been fantastic and, most importantly, we’ve been having fun every step of the way!

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