Lots of mastering to do!

We had band practice today and went through a couple of new songs ready for final recoding and mastering. The brings the list of songs in various stages of mastering to about 5. Symphony of Vengeance should be done quite soon. Level Trippin’ should be close after depending on when Tim gets his tricked out Game Boy. The others involve recording the tracks off the NES still and need to be mastered thereafter. Plus cover art, of course! Beyond those, we have 2 songs coming along nicely, including The Genesis Machine and another yet to be named song also featuring the Game Boy.

Chipsurf Pipeline is really coming together! We are still working on some of the final cover art, t-shirt designs, and all that fun stuff. We very much want to try to do a physical release so check back for more details on that. More than likely, we will try to do a Kickstarter project in order to do a small vinyl release. Regardless, we are very proud of the album and we hope that in whatever version we offer the album, it provides as much joy to our fans as it did for us making it!

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