Symphony of Vengeance…

…is finally finished! I spent a good amount of time mastering this one, mostly around making the guitars fit well with the chippy parts while sounding bassy, but not muddy. Both John and I are quite happy with the end result. We also opted to push back releasing the song until we had a good cover for it. Can you guess who is on the cover? 🙂

The song itself is rather deep and dark but has a driving force behind it as well. It centers around one of the common themes found on games from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. The song is about love lost, the desire to get even, and the struggle to do so. I suppose you could almost call it an 8-bit Kill Bill in a way, which itself sort of follows suit with the themes found in Ninja Gaiden (a series of games we have been known to pay homage to before)

We certainly hope you like it! If you wish to listen, download, or buy the release, head over to the Chipsurf Pipeline album page.

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