The Hero Demo

We are excited and proud to finally say we have finished our 3 song demo! It turned into a months long endeavor but that was, in part, due to things out of our control. But it’s here now!

You can give it a listen on our Soundcloud!

Also, we never formally welcomed Landon to the band yet he’s been with us for quite a while now. Sorry for the belated shout out, Landon! He will be handling our percussion and, as well, bring some creative insight and his own unique style to the band! We’re happy to have him aboard!

Likewise, we have had to say farewell to Katy as she has decided to leave the band to focus on her awesome job of making musicians of the younger generation. We’re sad to see her go, but we certainly can’t fault her and congratulate her on her noble cause!

While we can never replace Katy, we are looking for a new violinist. If anyone is interested that is in the San Antonio area, please reach out to us on our Facebook page!

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