Adventures in Game Development III and a special GIVEAWAY!

After deciding that Unity3D wasn’t the right choice of game engine for our “traditional” 2d 8bit RPG, I decided to try out a popular multiplatorm engine in Java called libGDX along with a free tilemap editor called Tiled. I spent a while programming a RPG engine with leveling system, spell system, stats, items, tiled maps, etc and integrated a random dungeon generator too.  This attempt was actually very much ground up. That is, I started with text graphics, eventually advanced to sprites etc in Java, made a little rogue-like engine along the way.

Then I converted this to libGDX, which had lots of other nice features that everybody wants in a game engine, like support for Tilemaps!

Then I started making the battle scenes…

…and again we repeated history and ran into a user interface annoyance – I just couldn’t get it to look and feel like a classic 8bit RPG and unfortunately, libGDX’s documentation at the time was, shall we say, underwhelming… Also, there were some other annoyances that made version control difficult (or I am just a dumbass, which is entirely possible).

So, yet again we had not leveled up enough to beat the game engine mini-boss. But finally we found the epic magic sword in a simpler, albeit more embarrassing, game engine after all this time!

If you want to see a preview of our nearly finished game in this mysterious game engine, play the demo and watch our weekly twitch stream on Tuesdays at 9pm central :

ATTENTION HEROES: Tune in to Victim Cache’s Twitch stream Tuesday July 25th 2017 for a super special mystery powerup giveaway opportunity to commemorate the beginning of our second beta bug squashing  complete game playtest extravaganza! The last time we got to the end and couldn’t beat the final boss… but this time we made it easier, so we will (probably) triumph and get the good ending!




Of Bandcamp, ACLU and Us

Also, I promise we won’t do this often – we don’t want to mix politics with our band. We make chiptunes and RPGs and stuff in the band, we’re not wanting to push political agendas and all that garbage.

But, the immigration ban – we’re not for it. We understand the feeling in wanting to feel safe, but we believe it is not worth compromising what we feel it is to be American.

Thus we are joining Bandcamp and pledging that, on Friday (tomorrow, Feb 3rd), 100% of purchases made on our Bandcamp page are going to go to the ACLU. That includes digital albums as well as our 7″ singles.

We hope, whatever your political leanings, you understand the need to preserve our American values. Among them I believe is compassion and understanding of where we came from, who we are, and what we strive to become.

– Tim

Finding Our New Sound

Took us a little while but we think we have settled on a new sound for a next album. Still preserving chiptnues and video games. We are just adding more layers (hello analog synths!) and putting things around a different overall theme. We are probably bringing back some hardcore axe work by John (e.g. electric guitar) as well. More info to come, err, at some point!

Of course we aren’t done recording our current album (though we are likely done writing songs for it, save for maybe one last song – The King’s Song). Our goal is to have the Hero Album done by May (conveniently in time for the Mini-Mini Con! Either way, we hope to see you there!

Victim Cache the RPG – THE PLAYABLE DEMO!

Play the long awaited demo of our upcoming RPG!  Sell drugs. Get involved in an international conspiracy. Meet a shallowly developed princess character who only you can save. Kill a ton of dangerous creatures who never really had a problem with you before. Rinse and repeat. Go to:







Classic Game Fest Was Glorious!

We had an epic time at CGF 2016 and hope everyone there did too! We’re hoping to be back next year too, but in the meantime we have plenty of work to do for our RPG, need to finish up our Hero EP, continue to refine our live sound, and look towards our next album.

If you missed out on picking up our EP at CGF, worry not, you can now find it on Bandcamp. Simply name your price and it’s yours, keeping in mind a lot of hard work went into it. We sincerely hope it gives you as much joy as we had making it.

Expect more from us soon!